You Are In Control of You: The Traveler’s Gift Chapters 5-7

book club wisdom Jul 26, 2021
The Traveler's Gift by Andy Andrews

We’re almost to the end, guys! It’s such a good book that I hate that it’s almost time to put it down. As we move forward, we’re learning more and more about the seven decisions for a successful life, and I hope that you’re all planning on applying them to your lives.

Chapter 5
In this chapter, David wakes up in the middle of one of the most famous battles of the Civil War— the battle of Gettysburg. Here, he meets Colonel Joshua Chamberlain. He’s an underrated war hero that lead the charge on Little Round Top against advancing Confederate soldiers. David gets to see firsthand, the bravery and determination of these soldiers who don’t know if they’re going to live or die in this charge, and yet they do it anyway because it is what they must do. They’re risking their lives without question. Suddenly, David’s fears are put into a whole new light for him. Nothing he is afraid of is even close to being as big as this. And his fear or being afraid is what keeps him down. At the end, Chamberlain gives David his old tobacco pouch, which doesn’t sound as important as the other points, but it comes into play later. Trust me.

Ah-hah! Takeaways
“I am a person of action.”
Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Don’t let your past keep you from striving toward your future. Stay active mentally and physically. I don’t believe in the phrase “Good things come to those who wait.” That’s just not how it works. Take action and strive to achieve the things you want. You can’t just sit around and wait for them to come to you. Don’t let fear keep you from doing something. Face your fears head on. Don’t back down. Be the example for people to follow through your actions. The only time you truly fail is when you stop trying, so don’t give up! You’re in control of how things affect you. If bad things happen, keep a brave face and move on. Strive towards greatness and greatness will happen!

Chapter 6

Next in David’s time traveling adventure he wakes up on the deck on the Santa Maria with, you guessed it, Christopher Columbus. He follows Columbus up into the crow’s nest and listens to him go on about finding a new world and never giving up, even though people thought he was crazy. Columbus’ determination and child-like enthusiasm are truly an inspiration to the broken down and disillusioned David.

Ah-hah! Takeaways
“I have a decided heart.”
You are in charge of your destiny and what you let affect you. Be strong and keep moving forward with your life. As they say, don’t sweat the small stuff. Don’t let the doubt of other people affect how you feel about yourself. If you want to do something, do it! Show people you have faith and confidence in yourself and they’ll start doing the same. If you take yourself seriously, so will others. Stay determined, don’t give up when things start to look bad. Get things done that need to be done. I always say, “take things from ‘doing’ and move them to “done”. Don’t stray from what you hold true just because someone mocks you.

Chapter 7

David now finds himself in a stressful and very surreal situation. He is with Anne Frank and her family as they anxiously wait for Nazi soldiers to pass them by. When they are safe, Anne takes David to a room where they sit and look outside before returning down to her bedroom where she gives him her letter. She is so amazingly optimistic, which, of course, is a total shocker to David. It puts into perspective for him that if someone in a much worse situation than him can keep a smile on their face and optimism in their heart, so can he. Immediately, David has a deep connection with Anne because she reminds him of his daughter, Jenny.

Ah-hah! Takeaways
“Today I will choose to be happy.”
Happiness is definitely a choice. You must decide to be happy, even if you don’t feel like it. Happiness is much healthier for you than sadness, so why wouldn’t you choose to be happy? People who laugh, live longer than people who don’t, so I chose to laugh often! Smile at people you see, even if you don’t know them. You never know what place a person is in in their own life, and a smile may be just what they need and you made the difference. Make your happiness an inspiration to others. You are in control of your emotions. Choose to be happy even if you don’t feel like being happy. Don’t wallow in sadness, shake it off, chose to be happy. People want to be around you more you’re happy and don’t want to be around you are sad. When you’re around happiness, you become happy, and when you’re around sadness, you become sad. You choose.

Living Every Minute,
Dr. Tim

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