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Living Authentically. Living Devotedly. Living Productively. Living Abundantly. Living Adventurously. Creating a spectacular life doesn’t have to be rocket science, but it sure does need to be intentional.

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About Dr. Reynolds

International bestselling author Tim Reynolds, M.D. has been an Army Green Beret, traveled to 63 countries, is a highly successful emergency medicine doctor, all while raising 5 thriving children, building multi-million-dollar businesses, and living out the greatest love story ever told.  

This was no accident.  Now it’s your turn to create spectacular in your life.

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Dr. Reynolds

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Take A Look At What Is Being Said About LEM and Dr. Tim


Dr. Tim has hit the nail on the head for improving your health. He has taken difficult concepts and made them easy to follow. Following his health steps will add energy and vitality to your life. Dr. Tim has been a contributor to TotalHealthBreakthroughs.com for several years and is one of the country’s leading experts in health.


~Michael Masterson, EarlyToRise.com

""WARNING: This book will give you serious wanderlust, inspire you to take the reins in your life, and make you fall in love with the process of becoming. Expect to experience a full range of emotions while Dr. Tim Reynolds combines his real life experiences and stories with concepts and ideas every single aspect of your life. He sheds new light on stuff you thought you knew and understood, and then blows your mind with brand new concepts. He divides life up into “pillars,” and then provides simple, actionable, and practical ways to immediately improve in each one."

It’s the everything handbook:

How to integrate your work with your life so you can’t tell if you are working or playing

How to execute your goals via proper goal setting, planning, adjusting and recalibration of that plan, execution, and celebration

How to journal

How to be a better spouse, parent and colleague

How to invest in your mental, spiritual, and physical health

How to have financial freedom.

My husband and I took a three day date weekend away from the kids to read and work thru this book together. If you are married, we highly recommend taking this approach. Discuss all of the concepts and ideas, do the prompts together, and start applying the advice that very moment! We returned home with reignited passion for each other and our life, a more clear plan for our future, a renewed gratitude for where we are now, and an excitement for where we are going. Download the book, get the workbook, and sign up for the planner. You will be so glad you did."

-Mike E.

"In Living Every Minute, Dr. Reynolds guides us through the tools and exercises that he uses to create his own spectacular life. I loved that Living Every Minute is written as a guide for how to discover and action on the principles of the book. So often now, I’m used to authors regurgitating standard business or personal development advice with one or two unique twists. The tone and layout of Living Every Minute makes it actionable and almost feels like being at a seminar. I’ve lived the methodology myself and have gotten to personally know over 50 people that have started building their goals in life using the Living Every Minute tools. I have been blown away by my personal results and see spectacular lives growing with everyone who takes this lifestyle to heart. I can not recommend this book highly enough."


-Nathan K.

"This book is a must read for anyone who is looking to really upgrade their life. If you’re an entrepreneur - you ESPECIALLY need to read this book. The stories, the lessons, the wisdom is just incredible. I highly endorse Dr. Tim and all his education!"


-Anik S.

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