Are you ready to take massive action toward living the life you’ve always wanted? Now is your time. Get equipped with the tools necessary to achieve financial independence, create incredible relationships, and master your physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. It’s time to become the person you were destined to be.


Gladiator is a 3-day immersion course filled with physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual challenges, all designed to re-connect males 21 and older with what it really means to be a man. Create spectacular outcomes in every aspect of your life using the seven pillars outlined in his international best-selling book “Living Every Minute”.



Valkyrie is a 3-day immersion course for females 21 and older combining classroom instruction, outdoor activities, individual challenges, and collaborative events.  Each minute designed to challenge you mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  It’s a celebration and reminder of who you are and a reunion with the promise of what you were meant to be. 



The greatest love stories ever told don’t happen by accident. They are created from intention and devotion. This 3-day couples course is designed to do exactly this.  Ignite the fire in the relationship with your significant other. Deep dive on Dr. Tim’s Pillars and create spectacular outcomes in every part of your journey together.

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Sept 22nd - 24th
Gladiator Charlie-2

Sept 29th - Oct 1st
Valkyrie Echo-1

Oct 13th - Oct 15th
Advanced Valkyrie 

Oct 20th - Oct 22nd
Ragtag Bastards - 3 

Oct 23rd
Joint Alumni Day 


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