A Journey of Decision: The Traveler’s Gift by Andy Andrews

book club wisdom Jul 26, 2021
To lead with positivity for successful outcomes, start your day with gratitude.

Life can get rough sometimes, but too many people give up too soon. They lose sight of the possibility of the future and allow negativity to cloud their lives and decisions. I hate it when people come to me with a defeatist personality, especially when they refuse to see how any good can come out of the situation they’re in.

The Traveler’s Gift by Andy Andrews is about a person just like that. The character, David Ponder, loses his job and feels like he’s lost everything. He is drowned by his negativity and starts letting it affect his life. The story revolves around David as he is taken through time to meet different historical figures who give him tips on making decisions to lead a successful life.

No matter what kind of situation you’re in, I believe these tips can be helpful to you. That’s why I’ve chosen The Traveler’s Gift to be the first book in Dr. Tim’s Book Club. Leaders are readers, after all, so why not read something that can positively impact your life and help you make successful decisions in your own future? Sounds like the best kind of book to read to me.

I will be covering a section of the book every Friday, mentioning what I think are the most important things to take away from what that section holds. If you want to follow along, I will be covering Chapters 1 through 4 next Friday.

Happy reading, and I hope you find just as much encouragement as I did.

Living Every Minute,
Dr. Tim

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