The Six Most Important Areas Of Your LIFE

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You have some areas of your life that you OWN– meaning you have them down. Then, there are other areas where you struggle. You may have great health, but your business life suffers. You may have work or business down, but you struggle with your relationship with your spouse. Maybe your relationship with your wife is rock solid, but you’re not growing mentally anymore. Here is what I have learned:  Whatever part of your life you are struggling in is also holding you back in the other areas. It’s true! If you are overweight, your business is struggling because of it. If you fight with your husband constantly, you will pay the price in your health. Whatever area you are struggling with, it will affect the other areas. People often lie to themselves and pretend what I am saying is not true. You may not be able to see the effects right away, but be assured the law of the universe is that one area of your life affects all the rest.


Now, rank each of those areas in your life 1-10. Where do you need the work? Then go to work on making it better. Create spectacular in each area of your life. What you will find is when you concentrate on the area that needs the most help, the other areas will also improve.

I am not saying you should shore up your weaknesses and not focus on your strengths. I am a big believer in playing to your strengths in most areas of your life. If you are not good with details, surround yourself with someone who is. If you are great with details surround yourself with someone who sees the big picture. That is a great idea for most of your life. However, in these six areas, you must be strong yourself. You cannot delegate great relationships to someone else. You cannot have someone else do your pushups. You cannot allow someone else to oversee your wealth. Get coaches, get assistance, get advisers, but you must OWN each of these areas of your life. You must make constant assessments of these six areas and improve and integrate them. How can you improve your finances and your relationships at the same time? How can you get healthier while simultaneously improving your mind? Create imaginative but specific ways to improve the six areas.

As you work on each area, all the other areas will benefit and you can create spectacular in your life.


That’s Living Every Minute.

Dr. Tim

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