Live Every Minute to the fullest with Dr. Reynold’s Productivity Planner

Jan 28, 2023

At one point or another, we have all suffered the adverse effects of our own procrastination and laziness. Our lives are only worth what we make them, and living productively and consistently working towards whatever goals we set for ourselves is essential to living a fulfilling and successful life.

It can occasionally become very hard to find the motivation to keep pushing toward our goals. When circumstances are not working in our favor, it is easy to get discouraged and give in to the feelings of futility that seems to be consuming everything. Doing nothing is always easier than sizing the opportunities that are presented to you or even going out to chase your dreams. But doing nothing also ensures that you make no progress in life.

Live Productively with Tim Reynold’s Coaching

If you feel like you are stuck in the same patterns of unproductivity and mediocrity that have hindered you from achieving your goals in life, then Tim Reynolds’ ‘Living Productively Coaching’ is tailor-made for you. This amazing, spectacular life book gives you the tools that you can use to shape your life the way you want and not give in to the pressures of the outside world.

Dr. Tim Reynolds is an international bestselling author of the book ‘Living Every Minute’. In his book, he shares insights gleaned from his own life and struggles about how you can create your own success and live every minute of your life. Through the stories he shares, Dr. Reynolds is able to provide the readers with a time-tested blueprint for shaping your life in the best way imaginable. In order to help people move towards a more fulfilling life, Dr. Reynolds has created a workbook and planner that people can use to gain control of their lives.

Living Every Minute Planner

Dr. Tim Reynolds has also made a monthly planner that can help you organize your life and smartly move in the right direction rather than working hard with no particular goal in mind. With the help of this planner, you can break down your goals and work at them one step at a time and practice gratitude for what you already have.

This planner journal encourages you to keep track of your everyday tasks and daily habits and even find questions that prompt you to reflect on your life and the world around you. No matter the field you are in, there is always room for improvement and growth, which you can easily achieve with guidance from Dr. Tim Reynolds.

You can even purchase the LEM planner journal cover to keep your planner safe from the elements and to add an aesthetic touch to your belonging. This journal cover is made from top-grain leather, which is bound to give you a vintage feel with its strong leather smell. Each of these leather journals is individually hand-stitched for all the people who order it. The journal cover also makes room for you to carry quarterly planner refills as well as a pen of your choice.

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