Don’t Get Caught Up in the BullSh*t

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Dr. Tim looking at a rainbow in South Africa.

The purpose of your business is to support you and your lifestyle.  Go back to why you started the business to begin with.  What do you want?  Was it to serve the community, you, your team, or some combination? What did you want your business to provide for you and your family?  Back then, were you thinking about financial freedom, being your own boss, or having more time?   My question to you is this:  If those were the reasons you started all this, how’s that working?  Is the investment giving you the ROI (return on investment) you were hoping for?  And if not, what do you have to do to get it back on track?

Many times, we start something for the wrong reasons or we have an idea and think, “Dang it… this could make me so rich!” or “Why am I working for that man (or woman)? I can do this better than he/she can.  If I just start my own deal, I will have so much more time and be my own boss.” That’s like saying, “Honey, I think we should have a baby so we can have some more free time.” Even if you started the venture for the wrong reasons, it can still be a great tool for accomplishing your goals and creating spectacular for your customers/clients and team members.

Eleven years ago, we started our urgent care business. We could not have dreamed with one clinic and nine people, that only 12 years later we would have over 400 team members and be in four states. It has given us the opportunity to serve so many people. I don’t know how we could have reached as many otherwise.  We love the changes to healthcare in the communities we serve, and the amazing changes in the lives of our team members as they become the leaders they were born to be.

Unfortunately, I coach some business owners who’re not feeling this way at all about their businesses. They’re wondering what happened to the juice. They got caught up in the bullshit and aren’t working within their circle of influence. Instead, they spend most of their time worrying about things that may or may not ever happen. Does this sound familiar? Maybe VERY familiar? Let me help you solve that problem.

  1. Only work in your circle of influence for one month. This means only worry about and work on the problems, functions, decisions, and tasks completely in your control. Worry about what happens in your business, your financials, your attitude, and your response to problems.  Stop working and worrying about what legislation will or won’t be passed, what the inspector might do, what the insurance company may do next year, or what your competition is doing. What do you have control over?  Work on that thing.
  2. Review and remind yourself what you want from your business. Why did you start this thing in the first place? Once you remember, then triple your efforts to get to your goal. If you want more time with your family, carve it out. Quit saying you can’t do it and figure out a way TO do it. Why not? You get what you tolerate, and you’re tolerating what you have. It’s up to you to change it. Oh, I know. Your situation’s different, and I don’t understand. Right? As long as you keep telling yourself that story, it will be true.
  3. Notice the blessings. Commit every day to notice the blessings in your life, the lives of your team members, and the lives of your customers/clients. How do you become even more of a blessing in their lives? What small thing could you do today? Then do it. Set a reminder on your phone to be a blessing to someone every day.

Your business is a tool to help create the life you want, not the other way around. For that to come true, you need to decide how you want your life to look. What is the life you want to create, and how’s your business a part of that life? You got this, you were born for this. Remember, the lion does not wake up on Monday morning and think, “Oh damn. I have to go be a lion today.”  Nope, he IS a lion. He’s always a lion, king of the jungle. And so are you.

Living Every Minute.

Dr. Tim

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