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business mindfulness mission wisdom Aug 11, 2021
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I’m not sure how long ago it happened. I cannot tell you exactly what it was that prompted it. It may have been something that happened to me, or it may have been something I read or heard. This much I do know: It dramatically changed my life forever. Since discovering this secret, nothing in my business has ever been the same. I am not the same. The way I view the world is not the same. It has made decisions easier for me to make. So, what is it?


Life is Up to You

When I came to the realization deep in my heart that whatever was going to happen to me and my business in this lifetime was up to me, my life changed. Once you realize your entire life and the success of your business is completely up to you, your life will change too. Many people sit around and give the responsibility of their lives and their businesses to someone else. The day I finally realized there was a good chance no one would take responsibility for my life and my business, I woke up and took control. Until that moment, I had been living in a fantasy believing someone else would be there to take care of it all. Many people fall into the trap. They think it is the responsibility of their spouse, their parents, their boss, their employees, or even their government, to take care of them throughout their lives.


Wake Up to Reality

Here is the hard, cold reality. No one is responsible for the person you become, the life you will lead, and the success of your business, except you. Sure, there will be people in your life who inspire and help you. But it is not THEIR responsibility to shape your future. Only you can do that. Ironically, once you realize that, you will start to attract other people who want to help you reach your goals. When you realize this, your choices get easier. It will probably scare the crap out of you at first because it’s new. But when you realize it is the one thing you can control, you will find freedom. You can’t control the economy, the government, your parents, or your boss. You do however have complete control over your thoughts, what you read, and your attitude. You cannot always control everything that happens in your life or to your business, but you can be in complete control of your responses to the things that happen.


Start Today

If you have not yet taken charge of your life, written your business goals, and mapped out a plan to reach them then start today. Realize you are in charge of your future and the success of your business. Don’t wait for someone else to take charge for you. Only you can determine where you are going, and the good news is, your past does not equate the success you can achieve in your future. Remember, you can’t accomplish all your dreams in one day, but you can start in one day. You can make a decision that you are going to do everything you’ve always wanted to do. You can make that decision in an instant and change the direction of your business forever. Go ahead, I dare you!


Living Every Minute

Dr. Tim

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