The Green Beret Doctor's Health Plan for Life


The Green Beret Doctor’s Get Fit Boot Camp: Health Plan For Life
By: Dr. Tim Reynolds, M.D.

Book Excerpt:
I am proud to say I was one of the few who completed Green Beret training. Not only did it teach me important physical and mental skills, but it also taught me team work and humility.

A Green Beret must be the best, but at the same time, he must remain humble and understand he is part of a larger team. We live by the creed “DE OPPRESSOR LIBRE.” It means, “To free the oppressed.” We are known as the quiet professionals.

After training, Green Berets are assigned to an operational detachment known as an A-Team. In this detachment we use our highly trained skills to assist others. In this boot camp, my plan is to train you to become healthier. I will guide you through your own health plan for life that will allow you to take on the mental and physical attributes of America’s elite and become part of your own A-Team. Once you have completed training, you can help others become successful too.

In this book I am going to teach you what it takes to become Green Beret fit. I will teach you how to be mentally alert, to be ready for anything life can throw at you, to know that you are ready to take on the world and succeed.

Book Chapters:

Welcome to Boot Camp

Chapter 1: You are what You Eat
-A Sugar Crisis
-85/15 Rule for Healthy Eating
-Diversify Your Eating Plan
-The Caveman Diet
-The Glycemic Index
-Let Water Work for You

Chapter 2: Supplement Your Body
-Statins vs. Niacin
-Plant Sterols
-Red Yeast Rice
-Fish Oil

Chapter 3: You are My Sunshine
-An Indepth look at Vitamin D

Chapter 4: Build yourself Up -The 100 Percent Decision
-Building Your Exercise Plan
-Where to Start

Chapter 5: Develop a Super Human Immune System
-Retrain Your Mind
-A Tale of Two People
-Practice Imaging

Chapter 6: Hey You! Relax a Minute!
-What Causes Stress?
-Practice the Hour of Power
-Build Relationships
-Walk Your Talk
-Start Journaling

Chapter 7: It’s All in Your Head
-Memory: Use it or Lose It
-Create Your Own University
-Hobbies & Games

Chapter 8: Doctors, Good or Evil?
A medical doctor explores the question, are doctors good, or evil?
-Having the right medical experts in your life

Chapter 9: Field Exam
-Putting it all together, creating your Health Plan for Life

What Others are Saying…
“I have lost 87 lbs from reading your book. I started at 342, now fluxuating at 255 to 257 on my way to 220. The book should be called weight loss for dummies .Years 20 of them I have battled this weight problem, but now that I understand how my bo…dy… really works. I was wearing 42×32 pants and they were tight. Now 38×34 and they look good. I get complemented daily at work, and I tell them its as easy as reading a well versed simple to understand idiots guide to loosing however much you want. Again Thank YOU!” -B.L., Texas

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